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It's not about keeping your promises,

it's about following your heart...

The Notebook Movie Fans.
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This is a community for fans of The Notebook. It is no different than any other community for The Notebook out there, however this community is strictly for discussions about the movie, the actors, even the actual author Nicholas Sparks. And hopefully this community will be a bit better than rest because if you ask me I'm really sick of the promoting that's going around for other communities. I will not have that here. Do not post banners, links, or talk all "OMG LyK tHe N0teb0oK iS tHe gR8eSt m0viE eVr!" because it will not get accepted. (I will delete it.) Just be mature and act like an adult. I don't care how old you are just be mature when you post. You may post icons related to The Notebook only. Just remember to have fun and be respectful to others. Thank you.

Upon joining you should fill out this form so everyone gets to know you a little better.
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